Checklists & cheat sheets to boost your sourcing team's performance in remote reality
Sourcing in the new reality of remote work
2020 brought new unprecedented challenges to sourcing teams scattered round the globe. Yet, the fundamentals of sourcing the right tech candidates for your clients did not change.
Here at AmazingHiring, we've prepared
a collection of cheat sheets and checklists to provide your team with easily digestible and reusable content.
It's intended to be a "desk book" for professionals out there. Check in on your team's fundamental skills in sourcing and ensure that you're not losing momentum despite the global changes.
Structured way to look at interactions
with a client
Know how to extract value from any job description
Reminder on where to look for
tech talent
Reusable briefing template
Keywords creation cheat sheet
Sources for sourcing list
How to max out value you get from
search engines
Tips and tricks for sourcing
on #1 business platform
Finding the one you need among
billions users
Boolean search cheat sheet
Checklists and hints
for LinkedIn
Checklists for Facebook
and Twitter
What are you getting?
Visual Infographic for email engagement with candidates
Including bonus material!
Increase effectiveness of your email campaigns
Make a step towards a perfect subject line
Craft close to ideal cold emails
Write follow-up letters with ease
Know what not to do
From sourcing practitioners
Kim Lockenberg
Talent Sourcing Specialist,
Gordon Lockenberg
Recruiter, trainer,
Dana Khovalyg
Recruiter, trainer, AmazingHiring
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